Mental Health and Academic Supports at Skinner North

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MTSS: Multi Tiered System of Support

A school team that meets to analyze referrals from teachers for students with academic or executive functioning needs. The team is designed to analyze the students needs and create an intervention plan that will be monitored and reassessed for its progress and/or success in addressing the need presented. Interventions can be provided in or outside the classroom and with varying frequency based on the need. The team should communicate with families if their child has been referred and follow up on the progress.


Our wonderful counselors are available 5 days a week for one on one or small group counseling. They offer special groups for targeted mental health supports and work with teachers and families to identify students that could benefit from added mental health support. They visit many classrooms on a weekly basis to teach social emotional lessons or lead talking circles. In addition, they oversee the process of supporting our middle school students in monitoring their grades and scores and applying for a CPS high school.

BHT: Behavioral Health Team

A school team designed to address students' mental health needs. Students can be referred by a teacher or express to staff members themself that they would like extra mental health support. The team will analyze the mental health need and design a plan for a small group or one on one social/emotional support. The team meets weekly to update any new requests and follows up with the progress of previously identified referrals. Families are notified when or if their child is referred.

Social Work

Our awesome social worker is at Skinner North 5 days a week. She not only provides social work one on one with diverse learners who have been identified to need regular services but she meets with students referred to the behavioral health team as well.