Diverse Needs Committee Book Club


Join our community of caregivers, teachers and staff to read and discuss Emily Kircher-Morris's book, Raising Twice-Exceptional Children: A Handbook for Parents of Neurodivergent Gifted Kids.

The Skinner North Diverse Committee held the initial book club discussion on Friday, May 10, 2024. We will be continuing this discussion over the course of the 2024-25 school year.

We hope to provide a book for each family that would like to participate. Please let us know your interest. We will make a book order early in the new school year!

We look forward to learning together!

Book Club Signup:

Book Club 2023-24 Signup

From the author:

Just because a child is gifted doesn't mean they don't have other types of neurodivergence, like ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and more. Conversely, even children with one of these diagnoses can be cognitively gifted. Raising Twice-Exceptional Children provides you with a road map to understand the complex make-up of your "gifted-plus," or twice-exceptional, child or teen.

The book helps you understand your child's diagnosis, meet their social-emotional needs, build self-regulation skills and goal setting, and teach self-advocacy. It also shows you effective ways to collaborate with teachers and school staff, and it offers advice on finding strengths-based strategies that support development at home.

For too long, these kids have fallen through the cracks. This book provides key information on how to best support neurodivergent children by leveraging their strengths while supporting their struggles.